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Images - Demagnetizers and Degaussers - InspecTech Demagnetizers
In the case of tubular goods, residual magnetic fields can be very difficult to remove.InspecTech® has developed demagnetizers for tubular products that operate at variable frequency and are therefore extraordinarily efficient; requiring a fraction of the power or kVA normally needed by line frequency demagnetizers.Demagnetizes selection and location can be critical. Please consult InspecTech for further information.
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Inspectech Analygas Group Inc
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General Information

For some types of Non-Destructive Testing, it is a requirement that ferromagnetic products are magnetized to saturation. This can leave finished parts magnetized: a situation that is usually unacceptable.

Product Description


  • Several coil sizes available for different product diameters.
  • Square or special shaped coils available.
  • Operates from a standard 110v or 220v supply.
  • Working frequency adjusts automatically to suit product mass.
  • Can be run continuously or activated by sensors when product is present.
  • Operate to 8000 A/T continuous, 12,500 A/T intermittent.
  • Inputs available for remote activation

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